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Available Services include (but are not limited to) the following: 

* Employee Survey

Workcenter Safety

​Workcenter Efficiency 

* EPA/OSHA Compliance

* Physical Security Assessment

* Network Security Vulnerability

Obtaining a business QR Code

* Computer Life Cycle Assessment

* Create/Amend Business Plan (.PDF)

* Operational/Computer Network Assessment
* Create/Amend Employee Handbook   (.PDF)

Technology Application (specific; business-unique)

* Policy Statement (EO/SH/Computer & internet use)

* Website checkup (based on number of pages checked)
Technology Update (what is the latest out there as we approach the year 2021​?)
Pricing/Margins Critique (includes profit leaks & remedies)                                                         * 
Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) Impact & Options

...and much more!

1. Consider items with an asterisk (*)above if you have any or all of the following.  Items without an asterisk apply to all companies, regardless of size:

   a. 10+ EE’s,

   b. Local Area Network (LAN)

   c. Internet cloud services, or

   d. Annual sales volume of $2M or more

2.  If (in Phase II) your company is fully compliant (i.e.: no significant discrepancies) in any area checked by CBV Enterprises= That specific area assessment is FREE.  You NEVER pay for any of our services that you don't need.  Moreover, we will issue a CBV Enterprises "Certificate of Excellence" (in all areas with no significant discrepancies) to affirm the same.  As a courtesy to your business, you may post for up to one year after our survey is complete.

-- Bill Randall, MBA

President/Owner, CBV Enterprises