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"Your business does not  have to participate in an economic downturn."



"Why would it be a SMART move to have CBV Enterprises assess my business to begin with?"

There is a well known commercial that says: "Fifteen minutes can save you..." ...we've all heard it. But how would you like fifteen minutes to set up a quality business process that can lead directly to additional business and profit?  

We are in the business of providing extensive and comprehensive management consulting service for our customers. Please note that you PAY NOTHING until we debrief you on the results. You, the business owner, also have to agree to the validity of our results prior to our being remunerated.

​But it gets better:  If you don't feel that the value presented to you is practical and relevant to your business (regardless of the level you select)... your assessment is free.

​Please note that our initial (15-minute) meeting can set up OR allow the first step which we refer to as PHASE I. With PHASE I, we analyze your business and provide a broad overview to see basic areas that you are doing well as well as determine if there are any that can be done even better. When we meet with you, it is your choice whether or not I go forward with PHASE I.  But there is absolutely NO REASON why you should say "no."  Again, if results of PHASE I (which will be presented to you IN WRITING 1-3 business days after the initial assessment) do not meet or exceed your expectations, YOU OWE NOTHING. But the results of our initial assessment will show you practical and tangible ways that you can increase the profitability in your business. The fees associated with PHASE I are extremely reasonable, and will be outlined in our initial meeting, and documented in writing on a PHASE I summary sheet.

The man hours expended in PHASE I are CBV Enterprises' loss leader. In other words, it is a tremendous bargain for the client. We choose to do so in order to develop a working relationship with clients and to build trust. We are confident that once you see the results of PHASE I that you will be open to the possibility of PHASE II.

​In PHASE II, we concentrate on tailored solutions for our clients. Areas you may want us to analyze are:

* Systems
* Operations
* Administration
* Personnel (HR)
* Sales & Marketing
* Quality Assurance
* Information Technology (IT)
* Specific, unique areas that pique your interest
* Customer Relations Management (CRM), and if applicable,
**Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  

​Fees associated with PHASE II will be clearly outlined and summarized up front, and there will be no surprises (price-wise) after our work is completed. Savings and increased profits found in PHASE II vary, depending on the size and industry of the business analyzed. The great news is that all, repeat, ALL of the consulting fees from CBV Enterprises are 100% tax deductible (IAW established Internal Revenue Service guidance).

On average, 2/3 of our customers take advantage of PHASE I (only); 1/3 maximize the process and order PHASE II. In both cases. We are pleased to report that since our start in Jan 2010, we have 100% satisfied customers.

​If you have current challenges to your company operations, sales that are flat or not growing as you'd like, or feel that you are not able to get away from the job as much as you'd like... let CBV Enterprises come alongside and report directly to you on what we see (with a set of eyes from the outside). Client testimonials (only of those who have given us permission to use their statements) can be found on a tab at the top of this webpage. We have had scores of clients over the years, but only publish remarks from those who give us permission to do so. Maintaining the confidentiality of any and all information relating to your business is our TOP PRIORITY!

Remember: We deliver the results in writing, and we are not paid unless you're satisfied with the results. Again, we are proud of the fact that we have 100% satisfied customers! We would like to add your business to that number. Let's get on the calendar of your smart phone or office scheduler at a date/time that suits you.

Whether you're a small business, or as large as a Fortune 500 company, if you're in business to turn a profit... CBV Enterprises is a business partner available for you to maximize that objective. Since 2010, our motto has been: "Your business does not have to participate in an economic downturn."

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