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All statements were provided voluntarily, without remuneration.

"We appreciate Bill reviewing our business and providing us with some simple and common sense approaches that could be useful to any business. More specifically, the fundamentals he provided to improve our bid-to-award ratio should prove beneficial to us." ..............................................................................................(Bob Hogan, President/CEO, AERReach, LLC)

(Aerospace solutions, Irving, TX)

"Bill is a first class individual, and his insight/wisdom in regard our business practices were invaluable.  I highly recommend Bill to anyone who is looking to for new ways to tweak their business efficiency."  (Chris Breinich, Co-owner, Renovatia, LLC)

(General Contractor, Raleigh, NC)

"Anyone will benefit, especially small business owners, with more power to shape their business and operating procedures through the techniques described.  I found the info on how to collect accounts receivable faster, and to position your business for making a loan was very helpful.  Great info! Worth every penny and more!” (Kelli Hamilton, IT Professional, RBC Bank)

(Commercial banking, Raleigh, NC)

"My business provides specialized service to walk-ins as well as RSVP bridal groups. I have to be on my game each and every day in order to stay in business. Bill helped me to identify the marketing approach that was best for me and my hair & beauty salon business. I now regularly use this info in finding new clients. This and other practical information from CBV Enterprises has given me a competitive edge in what is a very demanding and challenging market." (Kristen Scott, Owner, Kristen Salon)

(Personalized services hair & beauty stylist, Cary, NC)

I will not say that I was skeptical, but I believe that it is tough to find good solutions to doing business in today’s economy.  CBV Enterprises did a good job in showing us how to look at several things that impact your bottom line.  The information was straightforward, helpful, and we were able to use it immediately.”(Brandon Freeman, Owner, Renaissance Contracting LLC)

(General Contractor, Raleigh, NC)

Bill  provided good information on owner/employee accountability and responsibility.  I got a good perspective on cost-cutting, and why companies lose customers.  He also stressed the importance of effective communications, time management, as well as knowing what to focus on with your P&L and balance sheets.”             (Jim Harris, Communications industry, AT&T)

(Telecommunications, Raleigh, NC)

 "I have a background in business management consulting.  The information from CBV Enterprises was very helpful to my business.  It was a worthwhile process."                                          (Tracie & Darren Smith, Co-owners, Wake Forest Awards)

(Personalized Services, Wake Forest, NC)

The business consulting services provided by CBV Enterprises were relevant, and very effective.  This is very important in this economy where positive profit margins are critical.  I was extremely pleased with the results.  I would definitely recommend CBV Enterprises to any small to medium sized business owner.  I would also welcome their services in the future.”    

(Medical Equipment Distributor, Wake Forest, NC)                        (Kevin Shearin, President/Owner, Wakefield Medical, Inc.)

"CBV Enterprises provided us with industry specific solutions, customized to our business’s needs, which helped us streamline business processes and reduce expenses simultaneously. Bill presented opportunities to us that improved every department from Human Resources and Office Administration to Production and Inventory management. We at Granville Pallet Co., Inc. are beyond pleased with the services that Bill provided and are looking forward to consulting with him in the future!"

(Durable goods manufacturer, Oxford, NC)                                                   (Robert Barton, CFO, Granville Pallet Co., Inc.)